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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Today I’m in the studio with Kim, and we’ll be talking to Tom Stubbs and Joff Winterhart about their wonderfully evocative film “Our Century”, and with one of the people who appeared in the film, Kenny Downs.    The film was made with a number of people in residential homes in Bristol, and we see them recount various life experiences, brought to life by Joff’s sketches.   You’ll be able to see the film at the Celebrating Age Festival, and we’ll post details of screenings as soon as we get them.


My guests today are David Smallcombe from Care and Support West who will be telling us about his competition for the best Carer in the SW, and Peter Tamplin who teaches Alexander Technique at the Southville clinic. We will talk about his background and why Alexander Technique is especially beneficial for older people.  We have an interview with David Aird, tournament director of Union Cup gay rugby tournament at South Glos and Stroud College, who is a member of the local host team Bristol Bisons. The competition starts during the programme and we may have the first results for you.  Musically it’s the first of my composers series so all music will be written by Nicholas Ashford and Valerie Simpson including I’m every woman and Ain’t no mountain high enough.



David Smallacombe Chief Executive Officer Care & Support West 07860 439809

Peter Tamplin Alexander Technique 07985446824 0117963 9628‎ 68 Coronation Rd  Bristol BS3 1AS 0117 963 2335

Mervyn’s guests this Friday will be Dr Simon Hankins, CEO of the Southville Community Development Association (SCDA) and Pat Clements who is the leader of the South Bristol “Singing for the brain” group in Whitchurch.  He will also be playing the first of Zita’s Sixty Plus interviews which is a series of interviews about the joys and challenges of growing older in the UK today.  This will be the first in a series of four.

Today I’ll be doing something slightly different.  There’ll be no interview, and instead I’ll be taking us on a musical mystery tour!  Each song I play will have a connection to the next, creating a daisy chain of songs which on this occasion takes us from Jeep Jockey Jive by the Glenn Miller Band, through to Born Free by John Barry.   The connection might be the artist, or the song, or a film, or even, in one case, a drum.  I’ve really enjoyed putting it together and I hope you’ll enjoy it with me!



Want a cheap computer? Want to learn how to use it for free? My guests Kevin O’Malley Futures Manger for Bristol City Council and Kerry Bradshaw from Connecting Bristol, showed you how. Discussed pros and cons of iPads over laptops for complete beginners and older people. On the show Kerry mentioned that you could get a laptop for £35 – this price is actually for a desktop computer.  A laptop will cost a bit more so apologies for that.

Richard Tierney the introverted presenter explained how to be more confident when speaking in public whether it’s a big presentation or just telling your family something. He explained his involvement with three of the live recordings we played today and his encounter with Bob Marley.

Business and Life Coach Isla Baliszewska discussed how the old and the young can share experiences and coach each other, the respect for wisdom in older age

Kim Fielding, new recruit to the Silversound Team talked about her role as ‘entertainments officer’ in a care home in Bath , their new computers for the residents, and we played a charity record she helped with.

PS David is the guest on BCFM’S Roma Widger Show on Wednesday 8th  may showing       the photographs and discussing his recent travels in Israel.

The online computer reuse scheme application form for those who can access it (or who know someone who can)


Or write to

Kevin O’Malley

Recycled Computers





BS1 5BR or call him on 0117 352 1055

Get IT Together training sign up page


Call Kerry Bradshaw on 07785 462568 or 0117 352 1055


To contact Richard Tierney +44 7973 316461

To contact Isla Baliszewska