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Monthly Archives: July 2013

My guests on July 12 will be the winner of the ‘Care and support west 2013 Award’ Julie Edwards from Rosedale House Care Home   and Derek Couzens and Jeanine ESHUIS-HAMAKER who are talking about coaching older people.

This is the first show of a monthly feature playing only records – celebrating the musical format and the culture behind it – playing old classics and oddities as well as new music brought out in the age old style – vinyl will not die!

In this show I played some of my favourite records from my collection including…

Bill Haley – Thirteen Women – 1954
Nina Simone -  Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter
Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – 1979
Little Wille John – I’m Shakin – Late 50′s
Little Eva – He is The Boy – 1962
The Monkees – Goin Down – 1967
Deane Hawley – Bossman – 1960′s?
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Buggin Blues – 2008
The Ventures – Gincy – 1961
Bernard Cribbins – Winkle Picker Shoes Blues 1962
The Coasters – Three Cool Cats – 1958
Howlin Wolf – You’ll Be Mine – 1961
Cosmo – A Little Mixed Up – 1961
The Mills Brothers – Tiger Rag – 1931
The Sportsmen – Pink Elephants on Parade – From Dumbo – 1941
please let us know if you have a record collection you would like to share – email the silver sound team on – – we would love to have you and your vinyl come on the show!


My guest today was Lord Mayor Faruk Choudhury who discussed his policies.   We are Celebrating Age with elected mayor George Ferguson and Goldies Choirs from Filton, Kingswood and the MalcolmX centre in Easton.



Filton Goldies Choir


Malcolm X Goldies Choir