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Monthly Archives: August 2013


Genevieve Drinkwater from 0845 862 2023

My Guest is Catherine Farinha, Director & Food Marketing Consultant of Red Cherry Bristol and organiser of Chef’s Forum. She will be having her own show on BCFM on the topic of Food



This month I was joined by Jules Landau, lead singer from Bristol swing/ska/old-time band The Zen Hussies, who loves his records and has released his own music onto vinyl. Listen again for some great music and stories from the rock n roll lifestyle of Jonah Flatfoot!

The Champs – 20 000 Leagues

Sidney Bechet – Mood Indigo

Pokey LaFarge – Chittlin’ Cookin Time In Cheatam County

The Zen Hussies – Whiplash Waltz

Don Bilston – The Billycock Hat

Ike Gordon – Don’t Let The Devil Ride

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Johnny Appleseed

John Lennon – Working Class Hero

Rory McLeod – Farewell Welfare

Fairport Convention – The Deserter

The Corries – Cruel Brother

Richie Havens – Strawberry Fields

The Zen Hussies – Double-Shift, Half Time Pay

Next Vintage Vinyl is 30th August 10am – The guest will be John Stapleton who runs the Wanted Records Shop in St. Nicholas Market as well as being a great rockabilly DJ – Do not miss this!