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Monthly Archives: December 2013

I have one guest to welcome on this programme -

Vareta Bryan,  Service Director for Care Services to talk about Bristol Community Links – South.

The rest of the two hour programme will be very festive in that I will playing a variety of Christmas music and readings and some of my fellow presenters will be “in attendance” to create  a  ”happy fun “atmosphere involving a quiz and some mince pie tasting..

Kim will be playing some of her favourite records between 10.00 and 11.00, joined by Tim who will also be playing some of his favourite tracks.  Then at 11.00 Penny will join Tim, George and Sarah for an hour of variety, poetry and dance music, and of course, the Silversound quiz!

My guests this week are;

·         Hilary Banks BCFM presenter of Fiwi Sinting about her Jamaican Music and her charity work with older people

·         Berkeley Wilde of Diversity Trust representing  Helen Ker of about special LGBT services for older people

·         Callum Willcox – 17 year old organiser of Compton Martin model railway exhibition – telling us how model railways have developed for generation Z (or is it Y?)

With Christmas music from Jamaica and Phil Spector

Helen Ker
Bristol, Bath & Somerset Regional Development Officer Telephone: 01225 873812 / 07582 310974


Callum willcox on YouTube: SDJR7F88 for some really professional videos about Model Railways