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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Bristol Fiction Writers; coach Jayne Saul-Patterson on women’s leadership and Guy Robertson from Positive Aging are guests on David Rigby’s Silversound show at 10am. . Representing Bristol Fiction Writers are Nigel Lapworth, Judy Darley, Tim Kindberg and Suzanna Stanbury. This will be my last Silversound show for a while..

Today we have more good news, the Silversound quiz (sneak preview – the sentence ‘May I have a large container of coffee?’ is used as a memory aid for what?), what’s ons and lots of great advice about trying to lower your energy bills. (see links below).  All peppered with our usual eclectic collection of songs from the Trio Los Paraguayos to Sarah Vaughan and Marlene Dietrich.  Join us with your paper and pens at the ready!

SAVING ENERGY: AGE UK has details of a fixed two year deal: click here for link.  Age Uk tel number:  0117 928 1555.

If you would like some free, local and impartial energy saving advice from the CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY in Bristol you can call them for free on 0800 082 2234.    They can offer more in-depth advice to people living in Bath and north east Somerset, particularly those who are living in cold, damp homes, struggling to pay fuel bills or at risk of falling into arrears.

My guest today was DAVE ROLES who is the Pastor for the “River of life” Church in Hartcliffe.  We learned of the history of this independent Church and how it has grown over the years and is now a thriving Church serving the community i9n Harclifffe and the surrounding areas.  In particular Dave told us of the Third running of a Nativity Walk held just before Christmas last year when some 700 people attended a series of presentations, 500 of which were children,  I was supported by a member of the Silversounds team Tim  Lloyd - Yeates who told us of the new ventures taking place in some Care Homes.

I played my usual mix of music from earlier days.

Desert Island Disco with Deputy Lord Mayor Peter Main. Also with Georgia Daniel discussing a forthcoming fashion show at Bristol College, Hengrove.