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Kim has begun a monthly show celebrating vinyl and collectors of vinyl – please get in touch if you have records to play! She works as an Activities Co-Ordinator at a residential home in Bath as well as singing bass in a barbershop/a cappella band.


Perry is a musician, playing keyboards and guitar, which fits in well with his work for BCFM, where he has presented a show for the last four years.  He is interested in History and the Environment: – he volunteers with the Trust for Conservation Volunteers, often working outside in the elements to improve the Countryside.  Each winter, he helps at Bristol Developing World Enterprises, an organization that sends donated goods to the third world.  He has a wide interest in music and through his work as an entertainer.

MERVYN KEMP is the oldest presenter on bcfm having been presenting for some four years now. He started when “Love Bristol” took place and presented for 10 days a two hour afternoon show for this project.  It seemed natural to get involved with bcfm from an early time.

Mervyn is married to Mavis and they have four daughters, 9 Grandchildren and four Great Grandchildren. He was employed by British Gas for 42 years prior to his retirement in 1990. He has been very active during his retirement and his interests and activities include:-

Member of The Rotary Club of Bristol – President in 1992; Active member of Counterslip Baptist Church, member of the Worship Leading
Team; Chairman of the Amplius Committee comprising representatives from the churches in Hengrove and Whitchurch
Chairman of South Bristol Gardening Club; Member and Chairman of Knowle Bowling Club.

His enjoyment in presenting programmes on BCFM is based on a desire to introduce listeners to those in our society who serve so many without the public being aware of what they do.  This coupled with Senior Members of Society and Businessmen hopefully gives an all round programme of interest coupled with the music played.

His overall philosophy is to enjoy life and to help others less fortunate than himself which links very well with the motto of Rotary – “Service above



I am very happy to join the Silversound team.  I am 64 and have lived in Bristol for 34 years.  I hope I will be able to  bring something slightly different to the show, with my love of Bristol , and my knowledge and great respect for the unsung heros and heroines of this great city and my experiences as Lord Mayor of Bristol and as a City Councillor of Bristol for 17 years.


Came to Bristol for college in 1986 and hasn’t left.  Helps out with the Silversound website and regular contributor on Penny and Tim’s shows.  A volunteer for Avon Riding Centre For the Disabled.  Former life in the outsourcing world as an Account Director.  Keen follower of cricket and tries to combine that with a love of holidays!



George is 74 years young and started volunteer work at the age of 68.  He works on the telephone befriending service for Age UK (previously Age Concern) and also for the South Bristol Advice Centre.  He has spent many years involved in national wage, pension and health and safety issues and is our resident expert in this area.  He also has a regular slot on the OneLove breakfast show.


George Platts a.k.a. George P

George P. was born in West Yorkshire in 1950 and started collecting records in 1957 when they spun around at 78 r.p.m. In 1964, at the age of 14, he began running a music club where he introduced the latest music, including some very unusual recordings, to his many friends and other local teenagers.

Moving to Bristol in 1973, George P. became involved with many Bristol bands and also musicians and composers from many very different genres (contemporary classical / free jazz / Ghanaian / Brazilian / Indonesian). By the mid 1980′s he was not only playing unusual music at parties but also at events, the Tropic Club, the WOMAD festival, and he had an occasional music slot on a GWR radio show reflecting activities within Bristol’s ethnic communities.

On George P’s show for Silversound, he invites the listeners to be as inquisitive as he has been by introducing them to unusual music.  He also plays fantastic recordings from before any Silversound listener was born, the earliest coming from 1898.

George P. is a multi-medium artist, performs in the Bristol Community Gamelan (an ancient Javanese Orchestra of gongs and xylophones), has a weekly evening residency in Cotham playing from his collection of Arabic classical records (to accompany unusual films), has campaigned to make Bristol safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists since 1977 (he co-founded Cyclebag and Sustrans), and he has two grown-up daughters – a photographer and an illustrator.


Penny is one of the Silversound Producers and Presenters.  She has worked as a translator, factory worker, temp, farmworker, teacher, (amongst other things) and as a director and producer in television.  For the last few years she has been managing to survive the mayhem that is a primary school.  She loves music of all kinds, and cherishes a dream that one day Bristol will have a radio station playing the kind of music you can’t hear anywhere else;  from the first half of the twentieth century, from all over the world.





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