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My guests on the programme will be members of a Ukelele and Singing  group “Ukenlaugh” led by Maggie Haines.

We will be talking about the group and hearing them play live on bcfm.

My guest today will be Marian Green talking about the spring equinox and the origins of Easter

we are joined by Lewis Clarke the youngest explorer to reach the South Pole



My guest on this programme is ROB LEE STEWART and he will tell about the ALABARE BRISTOL HOME FOR VETERANS PROJECT.

This should prove to be an interesting discussion about a relastively new feature here in Bristol.

In addition I will be playing my usual mix of music which  I trust all listeners will enjoy.

my guest today will be Helen Thomas to talk about her book about Bedminster Tobacco women and the history of the Wills factory.

Today my guest will the Rev. Sally Nancy Gardner who is a retired I(nter Faith Minister.

I have been fortunate to have Sally as my guest on two previous programmes and found her to be a fascinating and interesting lady with lots of experience and wisdom of life in general.
I am sure we will enjoy another general discussion with her  covering many items of current interest.

Please tune in to hear our discussion  and music.



On the show today George Moss, Silversound Bristol themed quiz and creator of the Bristol map Gareth Wood.



Maps available at

Today my guest will be SALLY NANCY GARDNER who is a retired inter-faith Minister.

Nancy has been on my programme before and proves to be a very interesting and knowledgeable lady who will provide stiomulating conversation.

Very much well worth while listening.

We listen to the memories of Frans Lityens, a Bristol resident who was born in Holland and moved to England in the 1940′s.   The start of the war, smuggling food in for his big family, and the day he met his beloved wife as they both stood beside a rhinoceros skeleton in a Norwich Museum.  We remember the fallen of World War One, and Acker Bilk.  And of course, the Silversound quiz!

My guest today is MARY SHAD who is a personal friend of mine and is very well known in the South Bristol area.

She has led a very interesting life with some overseas living with her husband who was a Christian Minister.  Sadly Mary is widowed but still manages her faith and her reputation for helping others is very well known.  We are sure of a very interesting discussion together with my usual mix of music.